Employing a nanny

There are many advantages of employing a nanny:

  • Your child is at their own home, they have their own toys, books, food and so on.
  • Your child can form a close relationship with their carer and have one to one interaction.
  • As a parent you have a higher degree of control over your child’s routine, diet and activities.
  • Flexibility with extra hours, babysitting, helping around the home.
  • Siblings remain together, school runs are easier and daily routines around the home are maintained.
  • Nannies can look after your children when they are sick in your own home.

Finding a Nanny

We have interviewed all Nannies for you. Once you have decided on days, hours, salary, duties etc we will choose Nannies who would be most suitable for your family. We will then provide you will CVs for the candidates and have a chat with you explaining each individual one. We then organise interviews for you, this is usually in your home and ideally when the children aren’t around so you can have a proper chat. Once all candidates have been interviewed we then will have a disscussion about who you feel you would like to see again with the children and organise a second interview. Once both parties are happy and confirmed we shall  then provide employment contracts organised by you or Family Connections.