Family Connections Nanny Agency in the past have found more and more clients using payroll companies to help them and thought it was highly important to use a reputable company. As a joint venture with Tiny Tots Accountants, Family Connections will provide and help with employment contracts and keep you up to date with tax rates and any other changes that may affect your employment responsibilities.


Tiny Tots Accountants register you with the HMRC as an employer, provide payslips electronically or by post monthly, showing tax and national insurance deductions which you must provide and pass on to your Nanny. Process a P45 every time a Nanny joins or leaves you, keeps complete payroll records on your behalf, send you a quarterly summary of tax and NI due to the HMRC.

Expert advice and a very friendly team that can guide you through any pay-related issues that may happen are on hand and give you that peace of mind. Tiny Tots Accountants charge £270.00 per year and as a thank you will send you a £10.00 Marks and Spencer’s voucher for joining the Tiny Tots team.

We really hope that this will help our clients in hiring a Nanny, providing you with a service that is connected with Family Connections.  We believe that Tiny Tots Accountants is the best payroll company to use by far.


If you qualify as self employed we will register you with HMRC and act as your agent with them, dealing with any correspondence sent out by HMRC

We will prepare your annual accounts from the Tiny Tots Accounts Pack that you will use. This is an easy step by step book for keeping records of your income and relevant expenditure.

Once the accounts are prepared we will produce your self assessment tax return for you and file this electronically with HMRC.

We will keep you up to date with any changes in tax legislation which may affect you.

It’s clear to see that in most cases nannies do not meet HMRC’s criteria for self-employment. The child carers that do are maternity nurses and childminders.

Nannies can only be self employed if they are working for more than one family.

In some cases HMRC do grant nannies self-employment status. It’s important to remember, though, that transfer of self-employment status between jobs is not automatic, and each situation will need to be considered individually.

As soon as you start to receive income as a child carer you will need to register for Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions. You can register by either completing form CWF1 (included in booklet P/SE/1) or by telephoning the Newly Self-Employed Helpline number 0845 915 4515. You must register as self-employed with HM Revenue & Customs for National Insurance purposes. If you do not register within 3 months starting from the last day of the month in which you began self employment you could be liable for a penalty of £100. Tiny Tots Accountants will do this for you once registered with us.

As a self-employed person you are liable to pay Class 2 NI contributions. Class 2 contributions are payable at this flat-rate irrespective of your earnings, but if your net earnings from self-employment are less than the Small Earnings Exception (SEE) limit, you can be exempt from paying. Class 2 contributions provide entitlement to certain contributory benefits, including state retirement pension and if your earnings are less than the SEE limit, you may still wish to pay in order to protect your entitlements. You must still register with HM Revenue & Customs as self-employed even if your earnings are less than the SEE limit. Once you have registered you can then apply for exemption from payment if you wish.

Please contact Family Connections or call Tiny Tots Accountancy on 0845 456 9942 for more information.